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Dryasana Car Seat Cover in Cardinal Red


To create the ultimate car seat cover for every active individual through quality fabrics, durable construction and aesthetic design.





Dryasana was born from Devon’s need to get home from hot yoga classes without drenching her car seat. A registered nurse who leads a very active lifestyle, she was tired of unsuccessfully trying to protect the upholstery from her soaking wet yoga clothes.  She began looking for alternatives and found there simply weren’t many; furthermore, the seat covers on the market were either not waterproof or horribly unattractive or both. After talking with other yoga practitioners and watching countless yogis throw beach towels over their seats, she decided there had to be a better way and so began the Dryasana journey.

Quickly Devon realized that more than just yogis would benefit from the product, basically all active individuals needed one.  Hectic schedules can make fitting a workout in feel impossible; worrying about the logistics of your drive home is an unneeded deterrent.  Dryasana allows you to get out, get active, get dirty and get home without the stress of destroying your car's upholstery.  With Dryasana you'll never sweat the drive!