Never Sweat the Drive



It's time for a better, higher quality car seat cover for athletes

Waterproof, quick drying, odor resistant and machine washable. 

Tech Specs

What Dryasana Is Made Of

Dryasana Car Seat Cover Cardinal Red
  • Waterproof

    your car seat stays dry no matter how sweaty or wet you are

  • Quick-dry

    dries fast, perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle

  • Odor Resistant

    your car will no longer smell like a locker room

  • Machine Washable

    simply machine wash and hang-dry

  • Stays in place

    Strong elastic holds the seat cover in place. Tacky fabric backing keeps Dryasana from sliding around.

  • Applied and Removed in Seconds

    So fast and easy. No straps, buckles or fasteners.

  • Headrest Pocket Doubles as a Stuff Sack for Easy Storage

    After use, simply roll your Dryasana back up into itself and stow it under the seat, toss it in the back seat or store it in the trunk.

Dryasana in Action


I am a runner and there is nothing worse than hopping into my car after a long run and completely soaking my seat with sweat. I got to the point where I had to waste 20 minutes to cool down and dry off before getting on the road- that is, until I tried Dryasana. I use it daily and it keeps my seat clean and dry and allows me to waste no time when I am on the go. It is a great product that I recommend to all my runner / active friends. Thanks Dryasana!


I got this seat cover as a gift from a friend and love it! I lead an active life style and often used a towel or blanket to protect my seat. Whether I’m surfing, running, riding, or doing hot yoga, this cover does an amazing job providing a moisture barrier to keep my car seat dry. Love it, thanks Dryasana!

I’m shocked at how often I throw my Dryasana on my car seat! After spin class,  I’m soaked and I do not have time to hang out at the juice bar waiting do dry off, much less take a shower. This is so great for people on the go. And not just workouts! I throw it on my passenger seat when I pick up my son from soccer. He’s filthy!

Or coming back from the beach! I’ve tried other neoprene “all weather, durable” seat covers but they are so difficult to get on and off. I love that I can just throw this on in the wash, fold it up, and toss it back in my car. Very well made.

LOVE LOVE LOVE my Dryasana seat cover! I use it after hot yoga, running, and any type of exercise that has left me super sweaty. It’s easy to put on and fold up. It’s machinewashable too. No more stinking towels in my car! Highly recommend this product!